Specialist Consultations​

Book a one-to-one consultation with one of our hand-picked and experienced specialists. We have experts in a variety of areas relating to parenting, including breastfeeding, infant sleep, child behaviour, nutrition, counselling and more. See below our list of specialists available for appointments right now. 

Next Available Appointment
Ruth Hutchinson
Neurodiversity & Performance Coach
Alison Peacham
Julia Young
Registered Fertility Nutritional Therapist
Ainsley Keller
Coach for Step Parents
Emma Gawne
Infant Sleep Consultant
Toni Horn
Neurodiversity Consultant, Coach, and Trainer
Dina Belemlih Farah
Lisa Unger
Emotional and Eating Disorder Therapist
Louise Goncalves
Infant Sleep Consultant
Sheryl Daltry
Bev Taylor
Menopause, Motivation and Habits coach
Chris Mitchell
Leadership Coach & Business Strategist
Katharine Collins
Specialist Carer-Coach, Personal and Professional Coach
Rubia Campera
Integrative Relational Counsellor
Larissa Leiser
Psychotherapist & Counsellor
Lizzie Knight
Lactation & Breastfeeding Specialist, Postnatal Specialist & Infant Sleep Consultant
Ed Fraser
Financial, Life & Career Coach
Arlette Correia
Therapist & Coach
Catherine Serusclat
Career and Personal Development Coach
Catherine Macadam
Specialist Carer-Coach, Personal and Professional Coach
Will Hamilton
Therapist & Bereavement Specialist
Sharon Peach
Zuzanna Malek
Personal & Professional Coach
Alexandra Taylor
Cognitive Therapist & Coach
Antje Langsch
Personal, Professional, Executive Coach
Suzanne Fowler Evans
Psychotherapeutic Counsellor and Antenatal Coach
Catherine Pohl
Olivia Tarry
Child Behaviour Specialist
Michelle Cooke
Child Behaviour Specialist
Sarah Curnow Webb
Child Behaviour Specialist
Colette Ricaud
Child Behaviour Specialist
Sarah Woodward
Divorce Coach
Lucy Gardner
Personal & Professional Coach
Karishma Motiram
Working Parent Coach
Sarah Sudea
Family Coach
Dilek Bozan
Integrative Therapist
Michelle Brown
Couples Counsellor and Clinical Trauma Specialist
Charlotte Worth
Personal & Professional Coach