Karishma Motiram

Working Parent Coach

Helping parents show up powerfully at work, whilst creating the freedom to enjoy their family, with confidence. My goal is to help working parents understand what balance means to them, identify what could be causing an imbalance and apply tools to take more control of how they experience their life.


Before moving into coaching full-time, I worked within facilities management – a male dominated, high pressured and high-speed environment. Both of my children were born while I worked within this industry, yet the return to work was completely different on the two occasions. While the business and team I worked are factors to consider, my own mindset heavily influenced the differences during my return to work.

The realisation of how much power we have within ourselves to shape our experience was life-changing. This is what has inspired me to help other parents take more control of their journey into parenthood and as working parents.


The personal yet practical approach I use supports working parents to create alignment between their personal and professional goals. My coaching methodology provides tools to manage stress and create mental clarity, while improving the commitment to oneself.

By clearing the mind, we are able to focus on planned successful outcomes, and quieten the ‘noise’ around us – creating pockets of peace.


As a psychology graduate, with a certification in Life Coaching and Mindfulness, I use my skills and experience to coach working parents to master a healthy work-life balance. I also run a specialist maternity coaching programme that enhances women’s transition back into the workplace following maternity leave.