Kat Hassell

Antenatal Consultant

Kat's aim is to provide a holistic approach to parenting, education and any additional support that is required. Kat's passion is to enable families to access the right support to help achieve their personal preferences and goals.


Kat has worked around some amazing inspiring people who have helped shape her care and ethos. Kat fully believe that the family should be in the centre of the care. Kat wants families to feel they have been valued, listened to and received nothing but love and care.


Pregnancy and parenthood is one of life’s huge adventures and being supported by the right team is important. Kat’s incisive questioning helps to get to the bottom of what is truly at the heart of the matter.

Through years of experience she makes clients feel at ease as she creates a safe and confidential environment. Her intuition and adaptable approach allows her to tailor make each session to you as she supports you within the area that you would like to focus on.


Kat has grown as a mother and person over the years from studying child development and health and social care, working as a child minder and becoming an early years practitioner and setting up and running a home birth support group with a close friend.

Kat has also worked for many years under the love of a team of case loading midwives & Health care assistant (HCA) as a Maternity support worker (MSW- MAMA). They helped her learn a variety of skills from birth support to postnatal support, How to support feeding as well as clinal hands on skills and education. Furthermore Kat has provided families with KG Hypnobirthing and antenatal education classes. She has many years being a breastfeeding supporter and have a vast range of skills in feeding and neonatal behaviour and development. Most recently Kat has worked for the NHS within the community health visitor services as a nursery worker, offering weaning ,infant feeding, parenting & behaviour support and developmental reviews alongside other tasks.