Holly Roberts

Career and Transitions Coach

Life’s many demands mean that all too often we cannot find the time we need for introspection and for finding the perspective we need to see the bigger picture. Holly’s approach addresses this front and centre by putting her clients into centre focus, providing a safe and constructive space, as well as the support and encouragement for them to find their balance.


Holly empowers her clients to gain clarity on their best way forward and to live in better alignment with their values. Her mission is to create a coaching space in which clients feel seen, heard and understood.

She will help you to deepen your self-knowledge, cultivate your ideas and grow them into realistic goals and plans for the future. Her empowering and action-based coaching style will help you to rediscover your sense of purpose, and unlock the confidence to pursue your goals.

The coaching sessions will give you a structured way to think, pause and reflect in order to grow, changing challenges into opportunities. Holly will help you to find your own path, so you can regain your confidence, redefine your purpose and restore the balance.


Holly is no stranger to big life transitions and after building a successful career in marketing and entertainment, she has travelled and worked across three continents, learning new languages and immersing herself in different cultures with her young family across Asia, South America and Europe. She understands the demands that come with balancing family with career, as well as the evolution in values and identity that come with becoming a parent.

A natural empath, Holly was drawn to coaching after experiencing its transformative power on her own life in China. She encourages her clients to tell their story and works with them to explore and better to understand the events that have bought them to this juncture in life.  Through reflective enquiry and the use of incisive questions she equips her clients with the insights to identify their goals and place them on a path to achieving them.

Holly is an experienced and accredited Coach and Mentor, certified at Practitioner level by the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC). As a person-centred coach, Holly creates a safe and confidential environment for her clients to explore challenges and opportunities.

Holly uses a broad range of coaching models and tools, including GROW, the Skilled Helper, The Wheel of Life and Work, and Values cards. Holly blends these with reflective enquiry and an empathic, intuitive approach to help clients explore their options. Holly’s sessions support clients to create their own goals, focus on action, and to move them closer to the changes they desire.


Before becoming a coach, Holly built a career in marketing and communications across both private and public sectors, with a focus on entertainment and the arts. Having lived and worked in Argentina, Australia, China, Spain and the UK, she has extensive experienced of working across cultures and breaking down communication barriers. She helps clients working in global teams to understand themselves and their international colleagues better through cultural coaching.

Holly has extensive experience working with clients on big life transitions, from expatriation to return to work from maternity leave, or extended career breaks. She has guided clients on career changes, from development and promotion, to developing portable or flexible careers and providing job search support. She has coached clients through crises, helping them overcome self-limiting beliefs and general overwhelm, building resilience and restoring balance.

Holly is an EMCC member and committed to her own continual professional development. In early 2023 she will be training on an Emotions Practitioner course, allowing her to focus more deeply on enabling clients to understand and work with their emotions in day to day life.