Emma Halloway

Menopause Specialist

My name is Emma Holloway, I’m a menopause specialist with a passion for women’s health. I have worked within women’s health for the past 10 years and have developed a strong set of skills with a proven track record of success, I  was shortlisted for a transforming care award for services to empower woman on managing their symptoms of vaginal prolapse. The last 3 years I have worked helping women going through the menopause transition by educating women on lifestyle, discussing supplements and advising on HRT and alternatives by discussing all available options to them.


I have worked within women’s health for the past 10 years as a gynaecology nurse, Before moving into menopause I successfully developed a vaginal prolapse service within the NHS, I was able to introduce to women how they could managed their prolapse symptoms conservatively by the use of vaginal pessaries and lifestyle changes.


The advice I provide is individualised to you, I like to take a detailed history so I can explore all options by listening to your concerns. I can discuss how to improve your lifestyle, look at ways to improve bone health, cardiac health and mental health. Give you the tools to manage your symptoms either by discussing medication, supplements and lifestyle. Answer all your questions that you may have including if there is a strong family history of breast cancer.


I have completed my BSc in Specialist Practice in 2015, then went on and did my non medical prescribing and post grad cert in research. 2022 I successfully completed my Advanced Certificate in Menopause which is accredited by the British Menopause Society and I’m registered on the BMS website as a Menopause Specialist.