Toni Horn

Neurodiversity Consultant, Coach, and Trainer

With 17 years in a corporate role and a personal connection to neurodiversity, Toni Horn combines lived experience with professional expertise. Toni’s work centres on bringing clarity and actionable strategies to neurodivergent individuals and those supporting them.


Toni Horn is a seasoned Neurodiversity Consultant, Coach, and Trainer who possesses a unique blend of personal insight as a neurodivergent individual and as a parent of a neurodivergent child. Equipped with specialised qualifications from the Dyslexia Association and diplomas in Autism and Specific Learning Differences (SpLD), Toni has transitioned from a successful corporate career to a focus on neurodiversity advocacy and empowerment. She is driven by a passion for fostering understanding, acceptance, and success for those with diverse cognitive profiles.


Toni’s approach is deeply empathetic and personalised, recognising that each individual’s neurodiverse journey is unique. She employs a strengths-based framework, prioritising developing practical skills and strategies that resonate with her clients’ personal and professional lives. Toni’s methods are informed by the latest research yet tailored to the everyday realities of living and working with neurodiversity.


Over the past three years, Toni has specialised in neurodiversity, translating her extensive 17-year tenure in a large organisation into actionable coaching and training. Her professional journey has been enriched by hands-on experience, providing support and guidance to diverse clients. From one-on-one coaching to developing workshops for parents and workplaces, Toni’s comprehensive suite of services has made a positive impact on the neurodivergent community and those seeking to understand it better.