Balwinder Gill


I am committed to helping support individuals to achieve emotional and psychological wellbeing. Over the years I have worked with adults, children and families and within organisations such as schools, charities and private organisations.


My experience and work with individuals started earlier on in life. Through my own personal experience with self and others, I have wanted to understand the importance of seeking connection with others. Having spent most of my life in two different continents, understanding self and relationship with others, the impact it had on my life is important. Being an ethnic minority and trying to understand belonging and connectedness, the impact it had on my emotional and psychological wellbeing has spurred me to study and work in this field. I found it necessary to understand individuals, my work also needed to be across spectrum with various age groups, and different communities such as schools, charities, community groups and both private and statutory organisations.


• Understanding and Managing Anxiety
• Understanding and Managing Depression or Low Mood
• Domestic Abuse
• Grief and Loss
• Gender Violence
• Workplace Wellbeing
• Understanding Difference
• Understanding and Managing Stress
• Understanding and Managing Presenteeism and Absenteeism in the Workplace
• Leadership/Managerial Training
• Performance Coaching
• Conflict Resolution
• Integrative Psychotherapy – Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Psychodynamic Therapy, Person Centred Therapy, Attachment and Trauma.


I have worked in the domestic abuse field for over 14 years. This work has entailed working with victims of domestic abuse, police, children services, family courts and schools. I have provided domestic violence training to employees in various organisations and charities. Having worked with NHS England to deliver psychotherapy services to women who have experienced female genital mutilation. Building emotional and psychological wellbeing at work is important. Through my work I deliver workplace wellbeing programmes which can be tailor made for the leadership team, seminars or workshops for employees, individual coaching therapy and corporate coaching therapy.