Catherine Serusclat

Career and Personal Development Coach

As a qualified coach, I support others throughout their career with their professional and personal development. My mission is to help my clients know themselves better, so that they feel more confident and empowered to make change happen in their career and life.

I can help you grow your self-knowledge by creating a space to explore your past experiences, future vision, values, strengths, personality and skillset. It will enable you to come up with new options and make decisions.

The purpose of my coaching is to enable you to create practical solutions that are authentic and aligned to your needs, by diving deep into your thoughts, feelings and behaviours. My coaching style has been described as warm, caring, calm and pragmatic.


Before becoming a coach, I worked in HR (recruitment and learning & development) for 10 years. Five years ago, when I realised I wasn’t believing in what I was doing anymore, I made the decision to become a coach to help others build a fulfilling career.

Changing careers has taught me a lot about helping others transform their life. I’ve learned many things that I’m passionate to share with my clients so that they also feel empowered to make change happen in their life.

I have two strong beliefs.

1) Everyone can change, no one is stuck in their situation. There’s always a solution, a way forward. It doesn’t have to be a complete revolution. Little by little, small changes can have a bigger, broader impact.

2) Knowing yourself better will enable you to make the right decisions. Developing your self-knowledge takes time and energy, but it will have a tremendous impact on your future

We can work together on a wide range of coaching objectives:

– increase your motivation in your current role

– develop your skills and confidence to advance your career

– manage difficult relationships at work

– prepare before a career break or maternity leave

– return from maternity/parental leave or a career break

– prepare for a promotion

– improve your work-life balance

– look for a new job

– change careers

– start a business or side gig

–  plan your retirement

– clarify your life and career goals

– grow your self-knowledge and self-awareness

– design your career brand

– determine your boundaries

– develop your resilience

– challenge your self-limiting beliefs and remove blockers


I offer a safe space and my full attention to my clients so that they can open up, share their thoughts and emotions, and take action to make change happen in their life. It’s about enabling them to feel empowered and in control, coming out of the coaching process with new knowledge about themselves, solutions, actions and decisions. I do that by asking powerful questions, listening fully and challenging my clients in their thinking.

I focus on actions and solutions: I help my clients where they feel stuck, empowering them to create a plan and commit to taking action.

I explore what triggers my clients’ behaviours, thoughts and emotions to enable them to challenge self-limiting beliefs and create empowering strategies. I use my intuition and share my reflections and observations when I can see it will help.

I love creating new relationships and learning from someone else’s stories and experiences. Every client brings me new knowledge and insights, that I can then share with others who need to hear them.

I create a warm and positive environment where my clients feel completely safe to share their thoughts and feelings, to take time to think and find their answers.


“I was quite lost. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with my career. Catherine helped me to get to know myself more and what I actually want. She supported me during some turbulent times at work and made me think and reflect on the things I want from my career. At the moment I feel like I am in control of my decisions about my career and I have an action plan for what to do next.”

“Catherine is absolutely brilliant, she has a warm, friendly and professional personality which made me feel at ease throughout our sessions. She helped me gain clarity and confidence in my decision-making by breaking things down into manageable pieces, I was looking for direction with my career and she helped me find the answer in myself. I would highly recommend her!”

“It’s been fun working with you. You’ve helped me discover insights into my skills, personality, working style and interests which has helped me more broadly understand myself as a whole. I’ve gotten to know myself better thanks to your expert guidance.”

“Your coaching style is really structured but you were also able to adapt my sessions to my changing needs throughout the time we worked together.”

“You are a really calm and down-to-earth person and you challenged my assumptions in a gentle way to enable my progress and gain confidence towards my goals.”

“You are supportive, with a good mix of holding space to think through thoughts but bringing in simple, challenging questions that helped me have a new perspective.”


Mental Health First Aider (2023)
Critical Approaches to Positive Psychology (2019 – Birkbeck, University of London)
Certificate in Group Coaching (2019 – Animas)
Certificate in Mindfulness for Coaching (2018 – Animas)
Diploma in Transformational Coaching (2018 – Animas)
MBTI Accreditation (2013 – The Myers-Briggs Company)


– English

– French