Kate Pleace

Senior Women's Health Nurse

Kate is a senior women’s health nurse specialising in the areas of fertility and menopause. Kate is passionate, enthusiastic and caring and is on a mission to share her fertility and menopause knowledge and experience with her patients.

Kate is an expert in reproductive health and fertility preservation, as well as supporting those with Premature Ovarian Insufficiency (POI) and Diminished Ovarian Reserve, conditions that can significantly affect fertility and hormonal balance. She can offer professional advice and support to all those encountering fertility challenges, and those with POI.

Kate can also help you with the emotional and medical aspects of considering donor conception. She is an expert in fertility preservation and offers her expertise in egg freezing, for those wishing to delay parenthood or protect their fertility for the future. Additionally, Katie is a menopause specialist, supporting women with the challenges and symptoms that come with going through peri-menopause and the menopause.


I’m a senior women’s health nurse specialising in the areas of fertility and menopause. I have worked in the area since 2007, spending over 6 years at a top IVF Clinic before working independently. I am currently in the second year of my MSc in reproductive medicine. Passionate, enthusiastic and caring, I’m on a mission to share my fertility knowledge and experience with my patients as well as health care staff to provide support, educate and raise awareness. I have a special interest in menopause, low ovarian reserve, premature menopause and egg donation. I am a member of ESHRE and The British Menopause Society.


The advice I give is individualised, aimed to improve your symptoms and quality of life.  What I can offer: I will explain what is going on in your body during your fertility or menopause journey and explore how your life may be impacted and make suggestions to manage this journey.  I will discuss your main symptoms and how these can be improved and consider your short and long term health.  I will also explore how working nad personal relationships can be affected and how these can be improved.


I completed my MSc in Reproductive Medicine and Sexual Health in 2020.  I am currently studying for a part time PhD which is looking at women’s lived experience of a premature menopause, with the Centre for Reproduction Research at DeMontfort University.  I am a member of ESHRE, The British Menopause Society and a founding member of Women’s Health Education Network Norfolk.