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Getting a newborn to sleep through the night is a major milestone. It can take time for parents to adjust to their baby’s sleep routine or learn how much sleep they need. It’s important to pay attention to patterns in their behaviour and learn their preferred nap times so that you can work around them.

Studies on infant sleep show that the way we interact with our little ones and the kind of bedtime routines we instil can help improve the way they sleep. If you’re struggling with your infant’s sleep, it might be time to get some additional support.

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Wellness Cloud has a vast library of resources to support you infant sleep – we’ve made some of these available below for free. We also provide a network of hand-picked and experienced specialists, where our users can book one-to-one online consultations with their choice of specialist.

The full library of support resources and sessions are available to our our existing users when you log in. Alternatively, you can request your employer look at our services using the link below. You can also book a session for yourself with an infant sleep specialist using our booking portal.

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