Charlotte Worth

Personal & Professional Coach

As an experienced and qualified coach, Charlotte helps you to overcome all kinds of work/life challenges by offering a comfortable space to talk and reflect on your issues, before setting achievable goals. Through tapping into your strengths, encouraging you, and helping you to see your barriers, she can help you improve self-confidence, tackle imposter syndrome, and enable you to develop ways to feel less overwhelmed and manage stress. Alongside this Charlotte also specialises in supporting new parents to navigate their way confidently back to work after parental leave, as well as working with others to support career changes, performance enhancement, developing stronger interpersonal skills and relationships, and coaching new managers to become the leaders that they aspire to be.


My role as your coach is to help you to thrive on your professional journey! My specialty lies in guiding you to unlock your unique potential, pinpointing your skills and strengths, and supporting you to overcome any obstacles that may be holding you back. Through this will create a plan for your success.

You might be looking to enhance your executive presence and build your confidence to become more assertive and influential, refine your leaderships skills, master delegation, enhance communication skills, or navigate different career paths, I’m fully dedicated to supporting your growth.  Whether it’s nurturing new managers into exceptional leaders, or assisting individuals in overcoming personal career challenges, such as returning to work after parental leave, conquering imposter syndrome, or managing your stress levels and work life balance, my goal as your coach is to empower you to make the positive changes you’re aiming for!


As your coach I focus on your unique strengths, talents and abilities and facilitate the necessary steps and behavioural actions you may need to take to achieve your goals. I do this through reflective statements, summarising, drawing distinctions and asking skilfully crafted questions. This will help you to expand your thought process and visualise where you really want to be. From this vantage point we can then start to peel away the layers, to uncover the barriers that might be stopping you. Once we have revealed these blocks, we can then develop ways to use the strengths and talents you already have to help you achieve your goals.

My coaching has been deeply influenced by my own experience of losing my direction and confidence at work after returning from maternity leave. It resulted in me leaving an organisation that I had previously loved. If I’d had access to a coach at that time, I believe I would have handled the situation very differently. A coach would have helped me calm the noise in my head, unravel my thoughts, and enable me to create a clear plan. Now I use my coaching skills, alongside my personal and work experience, to support my clients to overcome any challenges they might face and help them to turn dreams into achievable goals.


Before becoming a coach, I spent the majority of my career in the world of media and entertainment where I undertook responsibilities such as team management, programme creation, and the orchestration of large-scale events. This role demanded a fusion of creativity, strong managerial acumen, and the ability to lead substantial teams from across the globe. It was also a role where coaching played a pivotal role, fostering growth, motivation, and empowerment in my teams and presenters, enabling them to achieve their full potential.

I then left the industry and started working for a number of well-known charities before assuming a managerial position at a global business school, overseeing their Executive Education programs for corporate clients on a global scale. It was during my time at the school that my passion for coaching was ignited. Collaborating closely with the school’s coaches, I witnessed first-hand the transformative power of coaching and its profound impact on individuals’ lives and careers.

Since becoming a coach, I have facilitated successful one to one and team coaching sessions for professionals from various backgrounds, including renowned organisations like The Lego Group, Amex, Epic Games, BP, Google, Visa and Boeing. My experience has given me valuable insights into different organisational structures and cultures, allowing me to tailor my coaching approach to meet the specific needs of individuals and teams in various industries.