Charlotte Worth

Personal & Professional Coach

As an experienced and qualified coach, Charlotte helps you to overcome all kinds of work/life challenges by offering a comfortable space to talk and reflect on your issues, before setting achievable goals. Through tapping into your strengths, encouraging you, and helping you to see your barriers, she can help you improve self-confidence, tackle imposter syndrome, and enable you to develop ways to fell less overwhelmed and manage stress. Alongside this Charlotte also specialises in supporting new parents to navigate their way confidently back to work after parental leave, as well as working with others to support career changes, performance enhancement, developing stronger interpersonal skills and relationships, and coaching new managers to become the leaders that they aspire to be.


Specialising in professional development Charlotte enables her clients to move forward in their careers by unlocking their full potential so that they can achieve their goals and become their best self. Charlotte will support you to see through the negative stories that you tell yourself and eliminate any fears that are holding you back. Through the coaching process she will help you to realise your strengths and talents and arm you with tools that will allow for lasting transformation in both your work and personal life.A particular focus for me is returning to work after maternity leave. As a mum of two boys, I have experienced first hand the multitude of emotions felt when returning to work after maternity leave and understand that for many women navigating that first year back can be challenging. Battling hormones, loss of identity, confidence levels and the pull between work and home can be destabilising and may lead to parents leaving their job or not reaching their full potential, as they can’t quite traverse successfully through the initial year back.


There are certain points in our career when we find ourselves at a junction, not knowing whether we should continue to move straight on, try a new direction or take a break and just enjoy the scenery. It could be that the sheen on your once brilliant job has worn off and you need to find something else that lights that spark or you are feeling frustrated that the promotion you really want always seems just beyond your grasp. Perhaps a work challenge just seems a little too difficult to master and you just need to find a new angle to approach it from; or maybe you just need a bit of a confidence boost and need to work out a way to get your mojo back!As a coach I feel that the best way to work through these challenges and to really see change is to simply talk about it and help you to create a picture in your head of where you would like to be or who you would like to be. Once the destination is clear, as your coach, I will then support you in mapping out the path to get there. I do this by using The GROW model, which uses positive conversations to help you look at your current situation, identify any internal or external barriers that might be blocking you, such as old beliefs and mindsets. I then enable you to realign them so that you can then focus on the actions you are going to take to achieve your goal.


As an ICF accredited coach I have worked across a broad range of industries including entertainment, retail, charity, and finance. I’ve worked with prominent individuals and high level managers in all industries, helping to develop their talent and achieve the success they desire. Before becoming a coach, I worked for many years as a Radio and Events producer for the BBC, a role that very much had coaching at the heart of it. Nurturing, encouraging and empowering Radio and TV presenters and musicians to be their best.