Katie Fischer

Sleep Coach for Adults and Children

Katie is an experienced Holistic Sleep Coach for adults and families, offering Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-i). She helps adults in all stages of their lives with improving their sleep quality, objectively evaluating sleep, identifying the causes of sleep problems and successfully overcoming insomnia, without medication. She also specialises in working with pre-school and primary age children.


I’ve helped over 1,000 individuals and families to achieve better sleep, so they can start their day feeling their best. I also feel passionately about the role that organisations can play in nurturing good sleep health among their workforce. My coaching draws on years of training and experience working across child and adult sleep issues, combining:

• A holistic approach taking into account sleep/health history and all the factors that influence sleep quality and daily rhythms.
• Clinically proven strategies that address negative thoughts and habitual behaviours, which reinforce or worsen sleep problems, and strengthen the association between our bed and successful sleep again.
• Relaxation and sleep hygiene techniques that help mind and body transition from daytime activity to restorative sleep.

The changes we can achieve can be transformative – not just by improving your sleep quality or your child’s, but also by breaking the cycle of sleep-related anxiety or helping you to feel more energised, organised and in control of your life.


I can help you optimise your sleep patterns, overcome longer-term insomnia or resolve children’s sleep problems that are impacting family life. Together, we can develop a personalised and manageable sleep plan that will help you achieve your goals. Poor sleep does not need to be endured and I believe that we can all benefit from understanding our sleep needs better, to support feeling happy, healthy and productive in our waking hours. Sleep problems I can help you with include:

• Difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep, or sleep that feels non-restorative
• Daytime fatigue
• Night time anxiety or a busy mind when trying to sleep
• Stress-management and winding down before bed
• Sleep challenges related to pregnancy or menopause
• Delayed sleep phase or early waking
• Managing conditions that impact sleep quality, such as restless legs, snoring, sleep apnoea, nocturia, fibromyalgia, ADHD, nightmares and night terrors, GERD or teeth grinding
• Nutrition for healthy sleep
• Jet lag or difficulty sleeping away from home
• Child and family sleep problems, such as late bedtimes, early rising, night waking/weaning or wanting parental presence to fall asleep


I am uniquely placed to support adults with poor sleep, as well as tired, frustrated working mums and dads. I have certification with the Holistic Sleep Coach Program (OCN Level 6) and Integrative Adult Sleep Coach Program (IPHI). I am also certified to treat insomnia using a ground-breaking drug-free CBT-i program developed at Harvard Medical school. I have been practicing yoga for 17 years and teach breath-work, alongside other evidence-based behavioural and cognitive restructuring techniques. I have provided coaching for NHS staff, global companies and sports teams. I regularly host talks and workshops and have featured as a sleep expert in the national media.