Ed Fraser

Financial, Life & Career Coach

I am someone who believes in and values connecting with people, helping others and personal development. I work with parents with young families who struggle to achieve a successful balance between a rewarding career and a healthy family life. I am a strong believer in being able to look at the whole picture holistically when trying support someone with their balance.


I am a qualified Level 7 ILM Executive Coach, ILM Certified Coach Supervisor and Accredited Financial Coach and have been fortunate to have worked across a variety of industries. Working in London’s financial services sector, I have supported both individual executives in the development of their careers, and organisations in the building of effective teams. Further to this, I have a strong background in the education sector both as a secondary school Head of Department, leading and coaching teams in their professional development, and as an external coach working with other senior leaders.

Most recently, I have been working with a wide range of people on improving their own Financial Wellbeing. I am passionate about working with individuals who find managing their finances challenging. For these people the thought of talking about their finances can alone be stressful! I have been there myself after growing up in a world where discussing money was “rude”. I know that part of the battle might be calculating the numbers, but much of it is a mindset that holds people back from feeling confident and in control of their finances. This is where I can help people feel more comfortable with the uncomfortable topic of finances.

Outside of the office you would find me running in circles after my dog or two young children, cycling around the country lanes of Berkshire or following my sporting passions of cricket and rugby.


When I work with parents with young families, our conversations are focused on being person centred but also looking at the big picture of balance between having a rewarding career and trying to achieve a healthy family life. I aim to work on exploring the root causes of any issues associated with this balance, not the surface level symptoms. To do this, I build a safe space for each person where they feel they can talk openly about what they want to develop. Within this environment, I will ask questions that challenge thinking and provide opportunities to reflect on someone’s own words and life. Importantly I ensure that each person feels like they have some clear goals to work towards and some concrete actions they will take forward that will help with their balance at home and work. Many of the benefits of this include:

• Greater enjoyment of life (in and outside of work)

• Less time feeling guilty for the time spent at work or with family

• More opportunities to relax

• Increased feeling of control

• Improved level of peace

• Opportunity to gain some perspective

• Chance to create time for themselves and family

• Building stronger relationships

• Improving moods

• Better sleep


100+ hours coaching practice with diverse clients;

Academic and commercial background;

Ethical, confidential, person-centred coaching practice based on strong values of equality, diversity & representation;

Relationship & partnership development experience with a wide network of contacts;

Confident presentation and workshop facilitating skills;

Highly personable and persuasive communicator