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Supporting international employees

Global Support

How Wellness Cloud can support your international employees

Wellness Cloud can support your employees, whether they are based in the UK or internationally. We work with organisations that have offices based in many parts of the world and the remote nature of our services makes us best placed to work with international businesses.

International support

Our team of specialists are largely based in the UK, with others located in the US and mainland Europe. All specialists within our network are available for bookings with international users, with many having strong experience of working in other parts of the globe. Many of our specialists are happy to accept bookings outside of UK 9-5 office hours, enabling greater availability for those who are based in other countries. We are currently in the process of onboarding specialists within the US, as well as developing an affiliate network with specialists in India.

In addition, our booking platform includes an integrated time zone drop-down, allowing our users to book sessions at times that work for them, no matter where they are located. All our Live talks are recorded and uploaded to our Hubs, allowing members in varying time zones to be able to access content at a time that works for them. In addition, users that are unable to attend Live Talks are encouraged to email in advance with specific questions, enabling them to take part in events even when unavailable. 


We want our specialists to be representative of the people we support and to ensure that clients feel there are specialists who they can connect with.

Currently 21% of our specialists come from a Black, Asian or minority ethnic group, which is reflective of the ethnicity of the UK population. As we grow our list of international clients and users, we will continue to grow our network of specialists to reflect a diverse group of ethnicities, cultural backgrounds and languages.

Plans to enhance global support

As we grow our list of international clients, we’re continuing to build on our offering and services to users outside of the UK. This includes:

  • Developing expert content and resources in new languages to support non-English speaking users.
  • Continue to book Live Talks for global audiences that are scheduled at appropriate times.
  • Continue developing more guided meditations and sleep stories that are recorded with a variety of international voices, to appeal to a wide audience of listeners.
  • Offer workshops hosted by local specialists, to complement our existing events schedule.
  • Develop new HR & Manager policy content that is relevant to more international territories, incorporating local legal guidelines and laws.