Social Impact

Supporting parents with children in hospital

Free Membership Scheme

Parents of children suffering from a potentially life threatening illness have been found to experience far higher mental health issues, with 57% experiencing high levels of anxiety and 35% experiencing symptoms that qualify as clinical depression. We’re committed to supporting our community by helping to support the health and wellbeing of these parents, whilst the NHS cares for their sick baby or child in hospital. 

We offer Parent Cloud membership for free to parents with children in hospital for the duration of their admission, plus an extra six months.

Guides, Videos and Resources for parents

Monthly Mini First Aid Workshops​

Bi-monthly peer led support group for parents ​

App access with Mind Hub: Guided meditations Sleep stories Pocket CBT​

30+ monthly bonding classes like Baby College, Baby Massage and Baby-Wearing Yoga​

Online drop-in sessions with experts on breastfeeding, infant sleep and weaning​

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