Inclusive support – The interplay between employee wellbeing and DEI initiatives

Inclusive support - The interplay between employee wellbeing and DEI initiatives

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Inclusivity and diversity is top of the agenda in many organisations and over three-quarters of business leaders understand the benefits of an inclusive workplace to their organisation.

There’s a big overlap between employee wellbeing and diversity, equity and inclusion. In fact, organisations that integrate their wellbeing and DEI initiatives have found that it can significantly improve their effectiveness.

Building wellbeing programs that embrace DEI principles can help companies to create a more inclusive culture that is more capable of addressing the unique challenges faced by diverse employee groups within the workforce.  

Employees who feel supported in their identity and health contribute more effectively in their job roles, leading to reduced absenteeism and increased company loyalty. Furthermore, companies that prioritise both employee wellbeing and DEI are more attractive to top talent, enhancing their ability to recruit and retain a diverse workforce.

To try and better understand the interplay between employee wellbeing and DEI, we’re asking a handpicked group of HR, wellbeing and DEI leaders for their thoughts. Your views will provide a valuable voice to our study and help us to shape the future of HR and employee wellbeing.

Our aim is to take these survey responses and insights to develop an unbiased report on the future of diversity, equity and inclusion and employee wellbeing.

“There’s a huge pool of employees that are not engaging in traditional employee wellbeing support and want initiatives that speak to them. Acknowledging the central role of diversity and inclusion in supporting employee wellbeing is absolutely key for organisations. We want to know what works in joining up these two efforts.”

Karen Taylor, Founding Director at Wellness Cloud

*Please note that all survey responses will be anonymised for our study, except for comments in the final question.