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Simplifying wellbeing support for businesses
Women with serious menopause symptoms have left their jobs
1 in 7
People experience mental health problems in the workplace
The amount it costs business each year, per employee whose mental health needs are insufficiently supported
The percentage of employees that are looking for increased parental support
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The problem

Too many providers

Organisations are now responsible for supporting many aspects of their employees’ health and wellbeing. As a result, it can be hard for HR to maintain engagement, with the amount of providers they need to incorporate into their wellness programme to fully support their employees, which is also expensive, confusing for users and challenging to manage. This is why simplifying wellbeing support is at the top of our agenda.

Our mission

Simplifying wellbeing support

Our mission is to simplify wellbeing support by offering an affordable comprehensive wellbeing platform that HR teams can rely on for high-quality tailored employee support, that can be easily accessed all in one place – both our Hub and app. 

Comprehensive support

All of life’s challenges

We offer broad support services and content to help your people through all of life’s challenges, including menopause, fertility, parenting, mental health, nutrition and career development. Our specialists are experts in a wide variety of issues and our Talks, workshops and content are designed to provide something that speaks to all of your workforce. 

Specialised support​
Cost effective​​
Easy to use and implement​
Low maintenance​
High engagement​

Maximising your employees' potential

How are we simplifying wellbeing support for businesses?

Increased employee engagement

Stronger mental wellbeing

Heightened productivity

Encourage gender inclusivity

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