Online Fertility Clinic

In addition to our Wellness Cloud Fertility specialist consultations, we also partner with Apricity to offer you access to its online fertility clinic and support you with your fertility journey.

Apricity is a next-generation fertility clinic, using technology, artificial intelligence, and personalised human care to outperform the traditional fertility clinic and deliver both better success rates and a smoother patient experience.

Through our partnership you can book unlimited online consultations with their experienced fertility consultants, seven days a week, who can offer reliable fertility information and help you to develop a personalised fertility plan.

In addition to free consultations, you also have the option to progress with your fertility journey, by self-funding further diagnostic assessments and carrying out your treatment plan with Apricity, following your consultations. This includes male and female diagnostic packages, IVF treatments, egg donation, egg freezing and sperm freezing packages as well as many parenthood options for LGBTQ+ intended parents.

If you choose to pay for your fertility treatment yourself, Apricity offers a patient-centric experience, with most diagnostic tests including semen analysis, hormone testing carried out at home, including bloods, hormone testing and semen analysis at home.