Rebecca Caution

Neurodiversity, Personal & Professional Coach

Hi, I'm Rebecca and I support neurodivergent personal and professional development through individual led coaching and therapeutic somatic modalities.

I work with clients in their self-exploration to create a way of living and working which honours their needs, plays to their strengths and promotes overall wellbeing, ultimately helping them to find clarity, confidence and calm, to navigate change with more ease and feel good about their neurodivergent identity.

Areas of interest: burnout recovery/prevention + ND workplace strategy coaching + navigating change + nervous system regulation and emotional regulation + parenting ND children/ND relationships/households + adjusting to a diagnosis/identification of autism/ADHD


I have been supporting clients for 5 years with a focus on those who identify as neurodivergent since 2021. Aside from my 1:1 work, I facilitate online neuroaffirmative groups for neurodivergent teenagers, am involved in a university project supporting neurodivergent and otherwise marginalised students and provide support for looked after ND young people in my local community.

I am late-identified autistic with ADHD traits (AuDHD) with two children, and a partner who identifies as ADHD. I’m an avid reader, a bad cook, a lover of houseplants and trees, and like lifting weights, reading/writing fiction, nerding out about books/films/creativity/psychology or singing with the 120-strong pop choir I’m a member of.

The process of understanding my neurotype and what it means to me is a fascinating (and ongoing) one, and I bring this experience, along with my training, into my work with others who are adjusting to a new understanding of themselves as neurodivergent, or perhaps to a realisation that someone else in their family is neurodivergent, whether a partner, a parent, a child, or all three at the same time.

Testimonial: “Working with Rebecca changed my life. I was frantic and confused about my direction in life and work. Through our work I had some huge realisations which allowed me to make shifts in both areas. I’ve been really impressed by Rebecca’s ability to ride the highs and lows with me, particularly as someone who’s neurodivergent and dealing with trauma. At times, I’ve just been struggling and it’s been really wonderful that Rebecca’s never made me feel as if that’s too much. She’s kept showing up for me really consistently and I’m super appreciative.” SL

A one-size-fits-all approach fits no one, as every client is different and no two sessions will be the same. We will clarify where you’d like to get to, which isn’t always clear, but I’ll gently help you to identify the destination. You’ll experience being listened to with deep empathy and without judgement, I’ll reflect back to you, ask thought provoking questions for clarity and gently challenge some of your thinking, allowing you to gain insight on whatever topic you’re bringing. I’ll often encourage you to tune into your body and your breath to center yourself and gain new information you’re not regulary attuned to. I will help you to unravel and make sense of your thoughts and feelings, guiding you to your own conclusions and a renewed sense of self belief and optimism to move forward with. I might also offer input/advice with your consent.

My practise is informed by my training and study in a variety of coaching and therapeutic techniques and models, including trauma informed approaches, Emotional Freedom Technique (aka tapping), Matrix Reimprinting (a type of inner child work and visualisation technique which works on a subsconcious level), and breathwork facilitation to name a few. It’s also informed by my lived experience as late-diagnosed autistic with ADHD traits, a parent to ND children with an ND partner and substantial personal research and study in this area.
I’ve also previously worked in a specialist school for autistic girls, in a tech startup, at the DWP, for online job boards, as a project manager in design and innovation agencies and run my own business since 2019. When we work together, all of my experience is available for you to draw upon should you choose to.

I am an Association for Coaching member, working towards accreditation at PCC level. I am supervised by a BACP registered clinical supervisor and AC accredited coach supervisor, am enhanced DBS checked and safeguarding trained and engaged in regular continuing professional development, supervision and personal therapy. I am committed to anti-racism work, undertaking CPD with Global Majority teachers.