Emma Gawne

Infant Sleep Consultant

Emma is an experienced sleep coach who has helped hundreds of families to improve their baby’s sleep. A member of the IACSC (International Association of Child Sleep Consultants), Emma takes a gentle but thorough approach to helping your baby sleep. Her personalised sleep plans help give parents the confidence to build strong sleep foundations which will help their baby to sleep better, without the need for behavioural approaches such as cry it out- controlled crying or even no cry.


My name is Emma and I am a holistic baby sleep consultant and founder of Help Baby Sleep. Like many sleep consultants, I discovered my passion through first-hand experience.

Sleep did not come easily to my eldest child.  In the process of learning all I could to help him, I realised that the science of sleep fascinated me. I am a firm believer that new parents can really be helped by being supported and educated about the physiology of our infant’s needs.

Combining my previous years working as a nanny and my own personal experience, I went to on to study comprehensively. I have worked with hundreds of families to create the optimal environment and setting for sleep with good foundations laid for success for the whole family.

I feel passionately about helping parents get the rest and downtime that they so desperately need when they have young children to look after.  I strongly believe that parents hold the key to their children’s sleep needs and I work with families to give them the confidence and faith in themselves to meet these needs.

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