Corporate Wellness Cloud Hub Membership

The Wellness Cloud Hub is an online platform that provides access to all Wellness Cloud services and resources in one place. Our basic Corporate Hub Membership provides your organisation and employees with standard Hub access, which you can upgrade with additional services and one-to-one consultations

Corporate Wellness Cloud Hub Membership includes:

Over 40 interactive, informative Talks led by our team of experts and guest speakers each year, offering useful advice and guidance on our range of specialisms to support their wellbeing and professional development. 

A range of useful videos, recorded webinars and and Q&As for employees and managers to access at their leisure, especially useful for organisations with global offices or remote teams. 

Practical guides, videos and policy documents for HR teams, and useful toolkits for managers, to help them better understand the life challenges their team members are facing and give them practical ways to support them. 

A library of useful guides that have been developed in partnership with our team of experts to ensure they provide the most up-to-date information and guidance. 

A 6-week online antenatal course providing your employees that are expecting parents with useful antenatal advice and support, as well as helping your organisation to boost engagement right up to parental leave. 

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